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Snapchat Introduces AI–Generated Selfies with Dreams

Snapchat is introducing a new feature that allows users to create a series of AI–generated selfies. The new feature called "Dreams" will let users...
Instagram Reels vs TikTok

Kenyans Are the Most Online Users in Africa

I thought I was a chronic online user and then I looked at the data and the revelations are wild when it comes to...

TikTok Now Popularity Soars in Kenya, Beats Its Rival BeReal

With users detesting Instagram's algorithm and design changes, they are now switching to platforms like BeReal that's becoming more popular with Gen Z. The...
Snapchat Techweez

You Can Now Change Your Snapchat Username

Snapchat is rolling a new update that will finally let users change their usernames. This has been the most requested feature by users on...

TikTok Dethrones Facebook as the World’s Most Downloaded App

TikTok, a popular app among Gen Z and Millennials is now the most downloaded app in the world. The app even outranked Facebook and...
Instagram Reels Remix

Instagram Increases Reel Time Limit to 60 Seconds

Instagram isn't giving up on going after TikTok. The giant social network is now increasing the time limit for Reels, its short-form video feature...
Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Deplatformed: All the Social Media Networks and Websites That Have Banned/Restricted Him So Far

There was a lot going on this past week but the complete chaos was when the US Capitol was sieged by insurrectionist mobs last...

Kenyan Girl Shared House Tour Video on Snapchat and KOT Reacted.

Sunday nights are usually boring, especially on social media. But it got interesting last night. Joan Kubai shared a house tour video on Snapchat and...
Evan Spiegel

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel Is a Big Fan of TikTok and Thinks It Could Become Bigger Than Instagram

Evan Spiegel, the Chief Executive Officer of Snap Inc, a camera and a social media company that's responsible for tech products like  Spectacles, a...

Chinese Drama Shows Now Shot Vertical from the Ground up for Smartphone Viewing

If you're looking to binge content made for vertical viewing on your device, look no further than Chinese drama shows that are made in...

Snapchat Signs up Kevin Hart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Chamberlain, Rickey Thompson and More for New Original Shows

Snapchat is on a roll here as it adds more new original shows to the more than 80 it already has. With VidCon beginning...
new snapchat update for android

SnapChat Rolls Out ‘Faster’ Rebuilt App for Android Users

Snapchat's experience on Android has always been subpar compared to its iOS sibling. This has even become a meme on Twitter and the likes...
huawei p30 series Snapchat

Snapchat Wont Suck on Huawei P30 Series Thanks to New Partnership

Snapchat experience on Android phones has generally been inferior to its iOS sibling and Snap has recognized this. Photos and videos taken on Snapchat...
Snapchat Android App

Snapchat CEO: We Have a Subpar Android App and We Want to Change That

Snapchat user growth has been on the decline. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, the parent company of Snapchat is putting the blame on its...
snapchat considering permanent stories

Snapchat is Considering Permanent Snaps as an Option to Lure Users

Snapchat is well known for two things: the ephemeral way of sharing user generated content called Stories and augmented face masks. They have been the biggest...

Amazon, Apple Deny Hacking Claims, Instagram Gets a New Boss and Facebook is Already Sticking Its Dirty Fingers Into...

Early last week, Bloomberg Businessweek wrote a bombshell report on how Chinese spies had used tiny rogue chips embedded in Super Micro servers that...
snapchat q2 2018 results

Snapchat Daily Active Users Shrink, and We Know Who To Blame

Snapchat is in a precarious position

Apple Dongles On the $1 Trillion Train, Facebook’s Dating App Begins Testing and Google Ventures into China

Two decades ago, Apple Inc. was close to bankruptcy - Now, it's worth nearly 7 Jeff Bezoses. Apple just reached the $1 trillion market cap...

Microsoft Buys Github, Apple Trolls Facebook, Dramatic Departure of WhatsApp Founders from Facebook

In this week's Clicked, we cover Github's acquisition by Microsoft, Apple's WWDC and the shade they gave Facebook and the expensive split from Facebook...

iPhone X Users Get Exclusive Snapchat Lenses That Look Pretty Cool

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone X and debuted its face tracking features, I knew this would be excellent for Snapchat. The face tracking...
April Fools Day

Top 5 April Fool’s Day 2018 Pranks by Corporates Around the World

April Fool's Day is the defacto pull a prank day and in the recent past, the pranks have moved from just between friends to...
twitter snapchat

Twitter is Apparently Working on a ‘Stories’ feature

Snapchat is the coolest social network right now due to the fact that major social networking sites copied its Stories format, which has proven...
Old Tech

5 Tech-Related Products That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

10 years is not a short time but it seems even longer when you take a look back at how much the tech space...

Snapchat Will Now Allow Users To Attach Links To Stories

Good news for people who like promoting themselves on Snapchat
Uber Snapchat filter

Uber Integrates Special Snapchat Filters For Riders In East Africa On The App

Using Snapchat filters right within the Uber app is a reality on riders in East Africa

Snapchat Announces Custom Stories For Collaborative Storytelling

Snapchat has always focused on the individual user where he or she can post Stories that are based on his/her experience during the day....
snapchat q1 2017 results

Snap Made A Loss Of $2.2 Billion In A Quarter, But It Is Not What You Think

Snap made an Initial Public Offering recently and hence became a public traded company. For 6 years, we relied on scoops to know how...

Snapchat’s Limitless Snaps Will Change How You View Stories

One of Snapchat's biggest assets is Stories and that is where the close to 160 million active daily users view their friend's Snaps. Snapchat...
WhatsApp Status Story

WhatsApp Status Update Has More Daily Active Users Than Snapchat Stories

If you are a regular user of social networking sites, you probably have a Facebook account or an account with its affiliates (WhatsApp, Instagram...
snapchat world lenses

Snapchat Wants You To Apply Lenses To Objects You See Around You

Snapchat's new feature is adding AR effects on objects around you

Here are Five of the Best April Fools’ Tech Pranks of 2017

Saturday was April Fool's day, if you did not get the memo. As usual, tech companies did not let the opportunity pass them by. You...

Snapchat Has Added A New Feature For Facebook To Copy

We can regard Snapchat Stories as the platform's headlining feature where the over 158 million active Snapchat users share their photos and videos to...
Snapchat's VP of Product throws shade at Instagram's Head of Product in a tweet

Medium Introduces Stories Which Looks Like Snapchat’s Discover

Medium announced Stories which is a new storytelling format that is akin to Snapchat's Discover

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