WhatsApp Status Update Has More Daily Active Users Than Snapchat Stories

It now joins Instagram Stories

WhatsApp Status Story

If you are a regular user of social networking sites, you probably have a Facebook account or an account with its affiliates (WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger). You might have noticed that Facebook has been on a roll trying to copy Snapchat’s best features and integrate them onto Instagram as Instagram Stories, Facebook as Facebook Stories and WhatsApp as WhatsApp Status.

Last week, Facebook announced their first quarter results for 2017 and with that, they revealed an interesting statistic about WhatsApp Status, the company’s clone of Snapchat Stories. Apparently, it has 175 million daily active users, which is about 15% of the total monthly active user base WhatsApp has. This is higher than the figure revealed by Snapchat in February this year where they said that they have 158 million daily active users.

WhatsApp is not the only Facebook owned app that has copied Snapchat’s system and bested it. Instagram Stories has proven popular after it was launched by the company in August last year and its use surpassed Snapchat’s 158 million daily active users with a count of over 200 million daily active users.

Facebook’s bet was doomed to be more popular than Snapchat since the company has an incredible scale of over 700 million monthly active users on Instagram and over 1.2 billion on WhatsApp. We are yet to see the count on Messenger which also has the same monthly active user count as WhatsApp and it will definitely surpass Snapchat’s statistic.

Snapchat has work on their hands to make sure that they get the demographic WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram are targeting, so maybe a Snapchat Lite? We have to wait and see what they are planning to increase their daily active user count.

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