TikTok Now Popularity Soars in Kenya, Beats Its Rival BeReal

TikTok Now is among the top 100 iPhone apps in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Singapore, and Malta


With users detesting Instagram’s algorithm and design changes, they are now switching to platforms like BeReal that’s becoming more popular with Gen Z. The basic feature of the French app BeReal is that you get a notification at a random time every day that asks you to take a front and back photo using the main and selfie camera so that you capture a more authentic photo of what you are up to at that moment.

This format has now been copied by giant social platforms like TikTok which launched TikTok Now last week. This feature is inbuilt into its US app but for other markets, we have a separate TikTok Now app for iOS and Android.

With this feature or app, you receive a daily prompt to record a 10-second video or photo and share it on TikTok.

The prompts for both apps are different as TikTok pushes a “Time to Now” notification with lightning emojis surrounding it while BeReal sends an “it’s time to BeReal” notification surrounded with alert emojis.

Unlike BeReal, TikTok has turned off location tags in the TikTok Now interface. Other privacy features on TikTok Now include defaulting to a private account for users signing up under 16 which means their posts aren’t shown on the explore page. TikTok also only lets people you follow who follow you back to comment on your posts for these underage accounts.

A week after launch, TikTok Now has gained popularity beating the rival app it cloned this feature from. Sensor Tower is reporting that TikTok Now is among the top 100 iPhone social networking apps across Africa and South East Asia. The app ranks high in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Singapore, and Malta and is among the top 500 iPhone apps in 38 more countries.

In fairness, people are more popular with the general TikTok app and its familiarity is making adoption of TikTok Now more quickly in comparison to BeReal.

TikTok says that its learning how its users are embracing this format.

Other social media rivals like Snapchat and Instagram are also toying around with this format too. Instagram is working on IG Candid while Snapchat has the ability to snap photos from the rear and selfie camera but without the immediate notification to post right away.

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