Snapchat Introduces AI–Generated Selfies with Dreams


Snapchat is introducing a new feature that allows users to create a series of AI–generated selfies. The new feature called “Dreams” will let users create stylized portraits of themselves by using generative AI models, which they can share. To create your Dreams, you’ll have to upload a few real–life selfies which will then be trained through the generative AI models to create the stylized AI selfies.

Dreams is located in Memories in the Camera Roll section on Snapchat. After uploading your real–life selfies, Snapchat will display a series of 8–photo packs with different themes such as fantasy and doppelgangers to choose from. While the first Dreams pack is free to create, each extra pack will cost you an additional $1 as an in–app purchase which is nonrefundable. It is important to note that it may take some minutes before your packs are ready.

Snapchat’s latest generative–AI feature, Dreams. Source: Snap

Notably, Snapchat does not support custom prompts to generate Dreams currently. Just like with normal snaps, you can share Dreams with other users. Snapchat has announced that you and your friends can “independently create and share Dreams featuring both of you.” This means that you or your “likeness” may appear in Dreams generated by your friends.

By releasing Dreams, Snapchat is seeking to expand its generative AI features on the platform. The instant messaging app introduced its My AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT earlier this year. The chatbot gained popularity among the platform’s users almost instantly with its various functionalities including engaging in friendly conversations, giving advice on various topics and even recommending filters and lenses.

While Dreams is only available in Australia and New Zealand currently with plans to roll out to users worldwide in the coming weeks, we can only wait to test the latest generative AI feature on Snapchat.

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