Snapchat’s VP of Product Throws Shade At Instagram’s Product Head On Twitter Over Stories

Oh Snap! (Pun intended)

Snapchat's VP of Product throws shade at Instagram's Head of Product in a tweet
Tom Conrad, Snapchat's VP of Product and Kevin Weil, Instagram's VP of Product (credit: Crunchbase & Getty)

It is no secret that Facebook has cloned some of Snapchat’s known features into their apps (Facebook itself, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger). It could be thanks to Snapchat’s refusal to be bought by Facebook back in 2013 for $3 billion which was actually genius since now the company is worth more than 7 times that.

We have never seen how Snap or the employees reacting to this onslaught by Facebook until yesterday which was captured on this screenshot.

Instagram’s Head of Product, Kevin Weill tweeted a photo of twins (presumably his) where he requested his users to come up with a caption that best suits the expressions on their faces.  People responded by giving their preferred captions, but only one caption stood out and it was by Snapchat’s VP of Product, Tom Conrad; “Wait, it’s going to be *exactly* the same as Snapchat Stories????”

Tom Conrad decided to throw shade at Instagram’s VP for Product due to the fact that Instagram integrated their own Snapchat Stories Clone last year. Facebook did not stop there since they also added it to WhatsApp as “Status Stories“, on Messenger as “Messenger Day” and as a test on the Facebook app.

This strategy has been working since there is a report that revealed that Instagram Stories in particular has been making a dent on view counts of Snapchat users, so it is not something to scoff at.

Did I also mention that Tom Conrad quickly deleted that tweet? Guess he forgot that people take screenshots and this moment will be immortalized forever.