Facebook Officially Announces Messenger’s Version Of Snapchat Stories


Mark Zuckerberg is not done yet in making all of his apps have features we have on Snapchat.

Today, Facebook has announced the Snapchat version of Messenger, Messenger day which is something that was noted late last year as a test.

So what is Messenger Day? Think of it as Messenger’s version of Snapchat Stories but with Facebook’s flavour all over it. To use it, you need to have the latest Messenger version, open the app, tap on the “Add to your day” button, take a photo or video, add an effect or art by tapping on the smiley face then finally tap the arrow at the bottom right corner to send.

You can save these “Days” on your camera roll or you can choose to send it to specific people or a group of people, just like how you do it on Snapchat or Instagram. Since this is an ephemeral way of sharing your life, they will last for only 24 hours each time.

Messenger also goes a bit further than Snapchat or Instagram in this form of storytelling. When you have a video or photo on a conversation with a friend, there is an option to “add to your day” to spice your content.

Of course Facebook gives you options to customize your audience where you can choose “Everyone Except” or make a custom list. There is also an option to delete a story within your shared day where you tap on the option tab (has three dots) and select delete.

Well…Messenger’s Snapchat is here and it joins WhatsApp Status Stories and Instagram Stories (which recently added Geostickers), which combined have a wider audience than Snapchat. Zuckerberg’s company is not done yet and expect more in the future.



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