Instagram Adds Geostickers In Selected Cities


It is not news Facebook has been inspired by Snapchat since they have added features that were only available on it on to their suite of apps. Instagram was the first to be updated with Stories, which was a clone of Snapchat Stories and has become quite popular with Instagram Users.

They may have cloned Snapchat Stories and added features like emoji overlays, slide filters, doodles and text overlays but there are stuff missing that we enjoy on Snapchat. Now they have added Geofilters, which is one of the coolest things about Snapchat Stories.

When you take a photo or video, just tap on the sticker button on the top right. This will load the custom geosticker for the city and they will change as you move into different neighbourhoods and landmarks. You can add as many stickers as you want on your Story, adjust their sizes and how they are placed. Your audience will be able to tap on the geosticker to see the location page but apparently, your story won’t show up on the location page itself.

Sadly, this feature is only available on New York and Jakarta, so Instagram users in this cities are lucky indeed. Instagram has not indicated when they will add this feature to more cities around the world but it is great they have finally added geostickers on Stories. We are only waiting for them to incorporate the MSQRD masks which Facebook bought recently for it to complete effectively with Snapchat lenses.

The update is available on Instagram version 10.11 for iOS and Android.