Old Tech10 years is not a short time but it seems even longer when you take a look back at how much the tech space has evolved. It is hard to imagine how our lives were back in those days; What did you do when you wanted to show off your lunch? Or your “slay” outfit? Remember the days when to take a photo you had to call a photographer and then wait a couple of days before you could see the actual photos? Oh, there’s a time when going to the Cyber Cafe was a thing.

Well, here’s a list of tech-related products that have changed our lives, yet they did not exist 10 years ago:

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1Android and iPhones

Of course, I would start with Android. If it were not for the operating system, I wouldn’t be doing what I do today, I’d probably be in some office, bored to death, counting down to Friday like you are but I am not the only one benefiting from these two. Our smartphones would not be as great as they are today if it were not for them.

2Taxi-Hailing Apps – Uber, Taxify, Little

It’s 2017, want a taxi? Just get one through an app. A few years ago, one had to walk to a taxi bay, negotiate a price then enjoy the ride. Now, the taxi comes to you and it is more affordable than ever.


Kenyans will relate to this more than anyone else, remember the days when you’d buy unlimited texts from Safaricom just to keep chatting? Then mama green decided to cut down the SMS from unlimited to limited texts for a pricier amount. Sad times. Well, thank God for WhatsApp!

4Instagram and Snapchat

I am not a heavy user of either of these apps, I even deleted my Snapchat account, I couldn’t seem to keep up with it but I appreciate and recognize the importance they serve in our lives. You know, when you need to make someone jealous, show off bae, stalk your ex or pretend how happy you are without them and most importantly get those likes to boost your esteem. Instagram and Snapchat got you.


With all the buzz going around on Bitcoin, it would be unfair to leave it out. Digital currency was not a thing 10 years ago, the most we could do was send each other airtime credit as payment. On that note, why is called airtime credit yet we pay for it before we get to use it?


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