Chinese Drama Shows Now Shot Vertical from the Ground up for Smartphone Viewing


If you’re looking to binge content made for vertical viewing on your device, look no further than Chinese drama shows that are made in a vertical format. Various apps have tried to crack the code from Instagram’s IGTV, Spotify’s vertical music videos and Snap Originals.

We’ve seen most of the content posted here has been crossposted from other platforms like YouTube for the likes of Instagram’s IGTV and its hard to find genuine content made natively for vertical viewing.

Well, Chinese media are working on this format in what is called as Vertical Drama(竖屏剧; shùpíngjù) from the likes of Tencent and iQiyi(Baidu) that have shows like My Boyfriend-ish Sister and My Idiot Boyfriend from Tencent and Ugh! Life!Arg Director from iQiyi and Mr Yan Dong! Don’t Come Over which is made from another smaller player.

These shows mostly comedy feature two to five minutes episodes with well-delivered punchlines that make them worth binging in a short time period. Other features that these vertical dramas have is that there’s a combination of quick cuts, swipes and split screens.

While the rest of the social media platform figures out vertical content, Chinese vertical drama offers a better format for us in the Popcorn League where we use one to hand to hold the phone to binge multimedia content and the other for accessing snacks such as popcorns.

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