Snapchat Announces Custom Stories For Collaborative Storytelling

All eyes are on Instagram now


Snapchat has always focused on the individual user where he or she can post Stories that are based on his/her experience during the day. However, since humans are social, we end up doing several activities together and such experiences can be shared in one Story.

This is what Snapchat aims to enable people, where they have announced Custom Stories.  These are collaborative Stories that you make with your friends and family if you are in a certain event or making new experiences together.

All you have to do is tap on “Create Story” at the top right corner in the Stories page, name the collaborative Story, decide whether to geofence the Story to a specific location and choose who can add to the story. You can also choose the audience to view the Story in the Stories page. The people chosen to add Snaps to the Stories can now go on and add their experiences to the custom story and you can see how this feature can be useful.

Just like the other Stories format on Snapchat, Custom Stories disappear if no one has contributed to them within 24 hours.

This update comes after Snapchat added the ability for people to set their Snaps to be viewed without any time constraint and this will go well with Custom Stories.

Now, all eyes will be on Instagram as they have proven to copy some of Snapchat features to make their own version of Stories be similar to the pioneer. They recently added face masks, so it won’t be long now.