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Linkedin Is Testing Stories Because Millenials Use It Frequently

Social networking sites started by being a notice board where you can see people's posts when you scroll down. Snapchat changed that game with...
snapchat q2 2018 results

Snapchat Daily Active Users Shrink, and We Know Who To Blame

Snapchat is in a precarious position
twitter snapchat

Twitter is Apparently Working on a ‘Stories’ feature

Snapchat is the coolest social network right now due to the fact that major social networking sites copied its Stories format, which has proven...
Facebook Stories Messenger Day

Instagram Introduces Polls But for Stories

You can now bombard your friends and audiences with polls on Instagram

Facebook is Beta Testing Stories on Desktop

This was bound to happen
Google Earth stories

Google Earth Will Feature Stories In The Next Few Years

Google wants Earth to be a social network

Snapchat Will Now Allow Users To Attach Links To Stories

Good news for people who like promoting themselves on Snapchat

Snapchat Announces Custom Stories For Collaborative Storytelling

Snapchat has always focused on the individual user where he or she can post Stories that are based on his/her experience during the day....

Snapchat Has Added A New Feature For Facebook To Copy

We can regard Snapchat Stories as the platform's headlining feature where the over 158 million active Snapchat users share their photos and videos to...

Medium Introduces Stories Which Looks Like Snapchat’s Discover

Medium announced Stories which is a new storytelling format that is akin to Snapchat's Discover

You Will Be Seeing A New Form Of Ad On Instagram Soon

Get ready to see ads on Instagram Stories in the near future.

Instagram Has Added More Snapchat Stuff To Stories

Instagram Stories is slowly becoming Snapchat

Instagram Copies Snapchat Again With A “Live Stories” Test

Instagram has shown that they are not done copying Snapchat thanks to a report of a live broadcasting feature they are testing.

Instagram Is Feeding You Stories From People You Do Not Follow

Instagram has taken the next step in making sure you are well fed with Stories that are published on its entire network.

Instagram Now Has A Feature In Stories Snapchat Has Never Decided To Integrate

Instagram introduced Suggested Stories which is a way of making the new product more appealing to its user base
Instagram Stories

Instagram Has Decided To Become Snapchat With Their New Feature “Stories”

Well, Instagram has announced a feature that (obviously) was inspired by Snapchat's Stories and they went ahead to shamelessly call it Stories. The company describes...

Snapchat Will Now Slot in Ads When You’re Watching Your Friends’ Stories

It has finally happened. Ads are coming on Snapchat and you would probably not miss them

Snapchat Redesigns Stories Page to Attract More Advertisers

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking platforms we have today and recently, it was reported that it had passed Twitter in...

The Beats1 Team Released First Snapchat Story, And Its Immersive

Snapchat can be a great platform for creating a video story of a particular topic of interest. The stories page on the app...

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