Twitter is Apparently Working on a ‘Stories’ feature

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via Matt Navarra

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Snapchat is the coolest social network right now due to the fact that major social networking sites copied its Stories format, which has proven to be very popular with millenials.

It seems now Twitter wants to join in the list of networks copying this trend from Snapchat like Facebook, as reported by Bloomberg. According to the publication, the company is working on a new Snapchat style feature that would make it easier to post videos on the app.

Apparently Twitter has a working demo of the product, but the design has not been finalized. This means that it could change significantly in the next few months before an eventual launch, if that happens. The apparent goal is just like the Stories feature on Snapchat, which is to entice users to share videos of what is happening around them.

This feature would really augment Twitter’s video platform. Currently, in order to post videos on the platform, you have to use the classic cumbersome process where you have to open the app, go to the compose button, tap on camera, record it and share to the world. In a Stories like format, this will eliminate unnecessary steps to shoot video. It is still not clear whether Twitter would decide to use the sort of standard rule for Stories where they disappear after 24 hours, but that is yet to be confirmed.

This move could make Twitter interesting to the millenials out there who find it hard to use the network. if they are able to use Stories on Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, finding it on Twitter will make the experience familiar for them.


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