Medium Introduces Stories Which Looks Like Snapchat’s Discover


Medium is one platform that has made it easy for anyone to write an article of interest and share it on the platform or on their own social media accounts. Thanks to this, it has made it a haven for indie writers who churn out great content on the platform.

Now the company wants to take that experience further by introducing a new way to read articles on Medium. “We’re introducing a new type of story to Medium of readers who just can’t wait for that next post: Series”, they explained in a blogpost.

Series on Medium are presented on a flipping card format where you tap to read each story at a time. According to the company, this is for “those readers who just can’t wait for that next post.”

Medium wanted to explore another storytelling format that was different from the classic way of reading an article and moving over to the next one. With Series, they want people to continue telling the story ina  way you couldn’t do in a single post so you can start adding more to it when you come up with new ideas.

As a reader, you can opt to be notified when someone adds a new installment to the story. Series will also save your place where you left off previously.

The new feature has been rolled out to the iOS and Android apps so look out for that update. Snapchat made this form of storytelling cool with their Discover platform and we are glad Medium has rolled a version of it for its reader base.