Instagram Introduces Polls But for Stories

Only on Stories


Polls are fun, in social media that is. They allow you to know the opinion of your audience or friends on a particular set of things. We have seen the likes of Twitter and Telegram implement this feature in some way (inbuilt vs via bots) and they are incredibly popular.

Now Instagram wants to join on the poll making by adding what they call an interactive poll sticker. This is how it looks like:

Via Instagram

When you take a photo or video for your story, you can choose to add the poll sticker which you can place anywhere on your story. You can customize the poll by adding the question and the poll choices, just like what we see on other platforms.

If you want to see the poll results, just swipe up to open the list of viewers of your story and you will be presented with the total votes and what each person voted. Since these polls are made within Stories, they will disappear after 24 hours.

This looks like a move by Instagram to make people engage more within Stories, but it is weird that it is only limited to Stories. However it looks like it will be fun doing these polls on Instagram and you bet people will use them constantly. The fact that you see what people voted will make it wild, unlike Twitter where you can’t know what someone voted.

One more thing…

Instagram has also added two new tools to make your Stories even more creative: An alignment tool for text and stickers and a colour picker for text and brushes

When you choose a colour for your brushes or text, you’ll see an eyedropper icon which you use to select any colour from your photo or video and apply it to your text/brush.

Specifically for iOs when you position stickers or text on your Story, you’ll see a blue lines that will help you position where you would want, especially if it might be covered up by something.

You will see these new updates on version 16 of Instagram for iOS or Android today.


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