Longer lasting Twitter polls are finally here after users post 1.7 billion votes


twitter user polls

Twitter polls is one of the surprising features the company incorporated into its apps in the second half of last year. It started with a test to a select number of users, then the full roll-out to all users which had only 2 options and a later update that introduced more options to a poll. However, it was also sighted before that these polls could be longer and finally Twitter made that official including an interesting statistic.

Twitter officially announced the going live of adjustable timelines on Twitter Polls. The previous reports stating that you will soon be able to adjust your poll to run upto a week were quite accurate, which is a significant upgrade from the last iteration. Previously a poll could only run for a maximum of 24 hours and you had no option to change that. Thanks to this update, you can run polls of different types since not all scenarios need the same timeline. Short polls that expire in minutes can be used for in the moment type of events and long polls that can last upto a week can be used as a preparation of a certain event.
poll choice option

poll choices week

In addition, they revealed that 1.7 billion votes have been cast since October, which translates to around 2 votes being cast each day by active users on the platform. It seems like users really like this feature and you can bet it is used by the company as a means to keep the 320 million users engaged in the platform.


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