Twitter is testing user generated polls to some users


twitter user polls

Twitter is no stranger to experiments and this is a good thing because users get to benefit from new features that might be rolled out to everyone in the future. We’ve seen experiments like the Snapchat like overlays that happened during the Video Music Awards, a news tab that curates trending news  and recently testing the possibility of turning custom hashtags into an ad product. Well, yesterday, several accounts were seen posting tweets that displayed a simple poll structure

The poll structure is simple: It is in card form where you are presented with two options where you choose one. The vote button is right below the poll options right alongside two tickers, one for the number of votes cast and one for the time left in casting a vote.

You may be wondering how the poll feature looks from the other end. Well, there is a poll icon coined from a pie chart that is alongside the usual media and location icons that you see on the tweet dialog box.

This feature can be helpful to journalists, government agencies or brands who may want their followers opinion on a certain topic or product and by this argument it could only be limited to a certain category of users. However, if it is rolled out to everyone who uses Twitter, it will surely result in a pollmania where everyone will post a poll which may make it irritating for some users. It is good Twitter is experimenting this feature and if it rolls out eventually, it will be a nice feature to have.