Twitter polls with more options have been rolled out but there is still a problem


Twitter rolled out the polling feature to all users over a month ago after being spotted being used by a small group of users a while back. It has been used extensively since then but there has been some limitations.

For starters,you were only limited to 2 options and in some instances, you would want to pit several things together. The time was also limited to 24 hours and not longer than that. However, there were other sightings of a revamped Twitter poll where you could add two extra options and longer timelines for polls (polls that go on for a week).

Today, Twitter has rolled out the option to add extra options in your poll and this update has been rolled out relatively fast when compared to the initial release.

twitter polls optional

In the new update, the two options are still standard but the other choices are denoted as “optional.”However unlike the previous sightings, you cannot edit the poll duration and that could be added in a later update. As usual, some users have been quick to use the feature:

Twitter should now concentrate on fixing one inherent problem of their polling feature: The notification part. On the settings tab on both the web version and the mobile app, there is the ability to enable or disable notifications for various things like new followers or mentions. Currently, you are notified of the results of a poll via a notification and if let’s say you participated in 20 polls around the same time, you will be bombarded with these notifications when you log in. Twitter should now add the ability to disable notifications from polls you participated in so as to prevent being bombarded by these sort of notifications.