Twitter is testing more poll options with longer timelines

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via Twitter
via Twitter

Naturally people wanted to conduct polls on Twitter. It started with retweet for this or favourite for this. This gave Twitter an idea, why not actually roll this out as a feature to everyone? It started with sightings of a two option poll that was rolled out to a small portion of users which later on was rolled out to everyone.

There has been a tiny issue with  Twitter polls. Sometimes you may want to conduct a poll with more than two options and this has made the polling option rather limited. Well there is an apparent fix to that according to a report by TechCrunch where some users have been spotted with polls having more than two options. An example is this poll:

In this case, the Twitter poll has 4 options, double the normal currently and it gets even interesting. Currently, the polls run for 24 hours after which you are notified about the results of the poll. The Next Web did some digging and found that on a certain poll, the duration for the poll was longer than usual (looks like a week)

screenshot twitter poll
Via The Next Web

Twitter is no stranger to experiments and their reports usually pop up on the timeline. Two days ago, someone noticed that they were testing embedded reaction emojis on the new like button. On September, they were testing Snapchat style filter overlays that were only availed to celebrities. They began testing Twitter polls before launch and it was made a reality to every user after a while and it will only be a matter of time to see if they will make these changes to the polling feature a reality.