Instagram Copies Snapchat Again With A “Live Stories” Test

Live broadcasting could become a reality in Instagram sometime in the future



The battle to become the best livestreaming platform is on and it started last year thanks to the emergence of Periscope and Facebook Live later on. Facebook in particular has accelerated the development of its livestreaming platform at an incredible rate and it seems it will spill over to one of its assets.

According to a Russian site, T Journalit seems like Instagram is testing live broadcasts which are similar to its mother ship, Facebook.

Via T Journal

From the screenshot, you can see that the “Live” story is clearly shown from the Stories carousel on Explorer which was added recently by Instagram. Apparently when they tried to click on the Live Story, it brought about an error as shown by this video, which is kinda interesting.


However, some people were able to test the livestreaming feature too as shown in the screenshot above. In order to do this, you only need to tap on the Go Insta! button which starts your live broadcast which presumably shows that you are live on the Stories banner. It seems also Instagram is also testing the ability to schedule a live broadcast which is visible as a button on the top right corner and this was added recently on Facebook.

It was only a matter of time Instagram joined the other major social networks in offering live video to its users. It has decided to take Snapchat’s Live Stories concept and adapt it for its way bigger audience of over 500 million users. The fact that they are testing positioning these live broadcasts on the Explore page means that your broadcasts will have even a bigger audience which according to Instagram is around 100 million people monthly.

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