The Beats1 Team Released First Snapchat Story, And Its Immersive


apple Music Snapchat story Snapchat can be a great platform for creating a video story of a particular topic of interest. The stories page on the app is all about watching the various “stories” your friends have posted or following live events of specific events happening around the world.

The Beats1 team created a nicely done Snapchat story where the presenters identify themselves and give people the opportunity to view the various studios they work at. You can check the Snapchat story as extracted by The Next Web:

If you don’t know Beats 1, it is a streaming radio service that broadcasts 24/7 to over 100 countries worldwide. The radio service has 3 studios in London, New York and Los Angeles where Julie Adenuga, Ebro Darden and Zane Lowe respectively broadcast their shows. The Snapchat story starts with Zane Lowe at LA, then crossing continents to the London studio where Jane Adenuga does a mini broadcast and then back to the US where we see Ebro Darden in the New York studio.

Beats 1 radio went live on June 30th just ahead of the Apple Music launch and this Snapchat story was an opportunity to have a behind the scenes look of the 3 studios and the presenters themselves in action.

Apple is known for not having a lot of official social media accounts. They have their official YouTube account where they post ads & App Store account on Twitter. However, Apple Music takes the cake on the number of social media accounts: They have one on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and now Snapchat. Possible official accounts for the mother company in the future maybe? We’ll have to wait to see that happening in the future.

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