Snapchat Redesigns Stories Page to Attract More Advertisers



Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking platforms we have today and recently, it was reported that it had passed Twitter in terms of daily active users. You may know it as an app that promotes vanity thanks to the “snaps” you see being posted on the stories pages, but there is also a crucial part of its ecosystem: The Discover page.

On the Discover page which is accessed within Stories, you can view curated content from various publishing partners within Snapchat. The company has decided to make a design change to Discover and it is quite compelling.

Via TechCrunch

Currently, you could access content on the Discover page in two ways: Via the carousel on the stories page or tapping on the icon on the top right. In this new update, they have made a design change on the carousel where you will now be able to see headline and image previews of content from the various publishers as shown in the screenshot on the right. That is not all, Live Stories have also being given the thumbnail treatment where now you can see the title of the Live Story and a picture in a rectangular grid.

Snapchat redesigned stories page
via Verge

In addition, you can now subscribe to your favourite channels in Discover where you only need to tap and hold on a channel and hit “subscribe.” The channels you have subscribed to will appear on Recent Stories so that it will be easier for you to keep up with them.

Why is Snapchat doing all of this? Well, it is trying to monetize whereby they are making the Stories page more tantalizing to advertisers. Since they split revenue with the various partners on Discover, the more engagement they get on the platform, the better it is for them and the publisher alike.

Via: The Verge, TechCrunch


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