Instagram Face Filters Are Here And The Snapchat Stories Clone Is Almost Complete

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instagram face filters screenshot

instagram face filters screenshot

Instagram launched Instagram Stories way back in August last year as a direct attack on Snapchat Stories and it has been a whirlwind since then. They’ve added features over time to make it look like Snapchat Stories like stickers and also Geofilters that are available in select cities.

However, there has been one feature which is a fan favourite on Snapchat which has taken Instagram a while to implement on their app: Adding face filters. On Snapchat, they are called Lenses and they are these augmented reality masks we add on our faces to make our selfies more “interesting” to add to our Stories.

Well today, Instagram has decided to add their own version of Snapchat Lenses and they call them Face Filters. 

instagram face filters

To add these face filters, tap the camera icon and then tap on the new face icon that appears on the bottom right of the page. You will be then presented with a carousel of eight face filters which you can add to your selfie. These work with both the front and rear cameras and also with Instagram’s Boomerang feature. When you are done adding them, you can send them to your Story or to your friends on Instagram Direct.

instagram rewind

Instagram also announced more creative tools within the camera. You will be able to make videos play in reverse with the new Rewind menu that is next to “Boomerang” and “Hands-Free”

instagram hashtag stickers

They have also added hashtag stickers  where you only need to tap the sticker icon at the top, select it and customize it. This will be an overlay on your Story and added to your Story afterwards. If people tap on the hashtag, they will be taken to the hashtag page so as to see related posts

instagram eraser tool

Finally, Instagram has added an eraser brush when you are using drawing tools. This is used to erase stuff that you have drawn and it is an important tool to have in your set.

The new updates will be available as part of Instagram mobile app version 10.21 for iOS and for Android.


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