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Instagram Reels Remix

Instagram Brings Ads To Its Shopping Tab

Ads. Ads. Ads. Any under-utilized space in Facebook's platform is free real estate for ads. The latest update is ads coming to the Instagram...

TikTok Begins Testing TikTok Stories

The world of social media networks is weird. Platforms copying features from each other and sometimes being unsuccessful at it - looking at you...
Instagram Stories New Interface

Exclusive Instagram Stories Are Coming – You’ll Have to Pay to Watch

Instagram is bringing a paywall feature for Stories. This new feature comes at a time when social media platforms are launching features with a focus...
Instagram vulnerability

Instagram Will Soon Let Anyone Add a Link On Their Stories

Instagram is adding a highly requested feature to its Stories. The giant social media platform is testing letting anyone share a link on this...
Instagram Stories Timer

Instagram Stories Begin Showing Timers

Instagram isn't done tweaking its Stories feature. Last year, they had begun showing a double Stories on the home tab and in a paginated...

Facebook Employees Are Tired Of Cloning Apps and Features

Facebook has done a lot of cloning from rival apps. The company hasn't shied from introducing new copied features on its apps and platforms. Being...

These New Features Are Coming to Instagram Very Soon

Instagram doesn't shy away from playing around with new original features or cloning features from its rival apps - including crazy ones. Instagram has been...

Instagram Begins Testing Adding Timers to Stories

Instagram is going crazy on its Stories engagement. Early this year, the giant social media platform began testing double Stories hoping that if the...

UPDATE: You Can Now Share Tweets on Instagram: No Need for Screenshots

Instagram is a social platform full of tweets - either funny or inspirational which have been screenshotted from Twitter. This is about to change. Update: It...
Instagram Stories New Interface Full

Instagram Stories Will Soon Take Over Your Entire Home Feed

Instagram has been testing a double row for Stories. That's insane. But the new interface is even crazier. Here's what the old interface they were...
Instagram Stories

Hate Instagram Stories? This New Feature Will Double Your Dislike

Instagram is now focusing on Stories and a lot of efforts have been directed to this feature they cloned from Snapchat. A ton of features...

Facebook Begins Testing Stories That Last 3 Days

Facebook launched Stories in June 2017 to join Instagram Stories, Messenger Day and WhatsApp Status. Stories was an ephemeral feature they cloned from Snapchat,...
Instagram vulnerability

Instagram Stories Adds Feature That Automatically Shows Song Lyrics

Instagram has been copying a lot of features from rival social media apps like Snapchat to get Instagram Stories and now it is introducing...
whatsapp stories

Facebook is Testing Sharing Instagram Stories to WhatsApp

Facebook is testing yet another Instagram Stories crossover
instagram face filters screenshot

Instagram Face Filters Are Here And The Snapchat Stories Clone Is Almost Complete

Instagram launched Instagram Stories way back in August last year as a direct attack on Snapchat Stories and it has been a whirlwind since...

Instagram Stories Come to the Web Through a Chrome Extension

These are some of the reasons why we all love Chrome despite it sucking up all the RAM.

Instagram Currently Testing a “Save Draft” Feature

Instagram has been rolling out interesting add-ons to its service in recent weeks. The photo sharing service recently unveiled Instagram stories, a Snapchat-inspired addition...