UPDATE: You Can Now Share Tweets on Instagram: No Need for Screenshots


Instagram is a social platform full of tweets – either funny or inspirational which have been screenshotted from Twitter.

This is about to change.

Update: It has. You can now share tweets on Instagram without the need for cropping screenshots.

Twitter has today announced that you can now be able to add tweets to your Snapchat Stories as a sticker.

The social media giant recently rolled out Fleets – a cloned version of Stories on its app for all users and received mixed reactions from users.

Sharing tweets on other platforms is hard as you have to take a screenshot of it. Today’s announcement means when you find a tweet worth sharing on Snapchat, you just press the share button on the tweet(it has to be a public), select the Snapchat icon from the share carousel.

The selected tweet will now appear as a sticker on your snap which you manipulate. This snap can then be shared with other people – either by sending to your friends or adding it to your story.

Viewers can simply swipe up to directly go to that tweet.

Twitter is now working for this format to work on Instagram too.

Lindsay McCallum, the Company’s head of Communication tweeted out that the company will soon let a small group of people share tweets natively on Instgaram.

Details are still unknown of how this will work either for Stories or Posts. Instagram only lets its users access swipe up links on Stories for IGTV videos and if you have over 10,000 followers.

Also you can’t add a clickable link on a regular post.

However, it will be interesting to see how this works out.

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