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Twitter Verified

Twitter: Tips To Protect Your Privacy and Help You Stay Secure in 2023

A lot has happened since Elon Musk took over Twitter late last year and he has been running Twitter using policy decisions that promote...
Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces on Temporary Hold. Here’s Why:

After buying Twitter for $44 billion in October and taking it private, Elon Musk has just been creating drama on the platform. The latest...

Twitter Pivots From Spaces to Focus On Personalization and User Growth

There's so much going on on Twitter. Elon Musk bought it for $44 billion thus making Twitter a private company in a deal expected...
LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories Are Getting Shut Down at the End of September

New month. New features getting killed. Following Twitter's Fleets, LinkedIn Stories are getting shut down. Twitter killed Fleets last month and this month LinkedIn...

TikTok Begins Testing TikTok Stories

The world of social media networks is weird. Platforms copying features from each other and sometimes being unsuccessful at it - looking at you...
Twitter App

Twitter Pulls The Plug on Fleets

Announced in March 2020 and officially launched in November to mixed reactions, Twitter Fleets are getting shut down. The social network is pulling the...
Twitter App

Twitter Starts Showing Fleets From Strangers on Your Timeline

Twitter doesn't want you to leave its app. The tech giant has been bringing and testing new features to its app and the latest...
Twitter Blue

Twitter Goes All in on Its App: Here Are All the New Features so Far

UPDATE: Twitter is shutting down its Fleet's feature next month. More details here. Twitter has been on a slumber when it comes to new features...
Twitter App

Twitter Is Bringing Ads to Fleets: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Twitter has been releasing new features this past month to entice users as it figures a way to increase its revenues and profits. Ads...

UPDATE: You Can Now Share Tweets on Instagram: No Need for Screenshots

Instagram is a social platform full of tweets - either funny or inspirational which have been screenshotted from Twitter. This is about to change. Update: It...

Twitter Fleets: Compilation Of The Best Reactions

Twitter is venturing into more than just tweets - audio and ephemeral products which the company announced today. The social media giant announced that Fleets...

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