Instagram Stories Adds Feature That Automatically Shows Song Lyrics

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Instagram IGTVInstagram has been copying a lot of features from rival social media apps like Snapchat to get Instagram Stories and now it is introducing a feature that lets users automatically add song lyrics to your Instagram Stories synced to a soundtrack you’ve added with the Music sticker.

This feature was first spotted in March and is now live.

Here’s how it’s going to work

To do this, you will have to add a music sticker as usual to your Instagram Stories and search for a song. If the lyrics are available for the selected song, the user will be able to choose from different fonts and designs for the words to the song.

Just like using the music sticker, users will be able to edit which part of the song to play on their Instagram Stories. When someone selects that Story to view, the lyrics will appear automatically and if the lyrics are tapped, users will be able to hear the song continue playing and learn more about the artist who sings it.

Instagram is making this feature available to all markets that support the use of Instagram’s music stickers. To use it, you’ll follow the usual steps: after you create a photo or text for your Story, tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen then click on the Music sticker and select a song.

If the tune’s lyrics are available, you’ll see them on the screen even while you preview your Story. If the lyrics aren’t available, a notification saying this will appear at the top of the screen.

This feature will give creators more freedom to express complex jokes or just act silly. The Facebook-owned giant photo and video sharing platform used teen pop artist Billie Eilish to endorse this new feature. She features in the video demo.

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