Ads. Ads. Ads. Any under-utilized space in Facebook’s platform is free real estate for ads. The latest casualty is your Instagram stories.

In 2019, Instagram started showing double ads between Stories as they switched from one person to another. Now they’re injecting the ads in between those stories. You’ll be tapping through your mutual’s stories and boom an ad and then you’re taken back to the stories you were watching.

This happened to me last night and early this morning and I wish I could’ve replicated the results. It is worth noting that they were quick ads as if the Meta-owned platform is sneakily testing these new ads to a subset of its testers.

Ads in between your story posts will join ads already available on the Shopping Tab, ads on Reels, ads on Stories, Sticker Ads, and the ads in your feed, ads on the explore tab and in your Suggested Posts. The only place that Instagram doesn’t have ads is on your profile tab.

These new ads will ruin the only place people most frequently and that’s Stories – the ephemeral feature they cloned from Snapchat.

The whole platform has come under heavy criticism for its over-the-top cloning of TikTok features.

They bowed to the pressure and walked back the TikTok-like changes they have been pushing in recently.

This walk back is however temporary.

Instagram said it will improve its ranking and recommendations algorithms. After this you’ll continue to see posts and Reels from accounts you don’t follow.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO shared that they’re going to double up recommended posts in Instagram and Facebook over the next year.

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