Instagram to Start Rolling out Ads in the Explore Tab

Instagram vulnerability

Instagram IGTVInstagram is on roll here to puts ads everywhere and the latest place the sponsored posts are going to is the Explore page – another way Instagram is ruining the experience for its user. Instagram already makes it easier for advertisers to turn their normal posts into ads. At this point, the only place ads will be missing is on your profile page.

The Explore tab is a favourite among Instagram users as they get to search for content and discover accounts based on their interests – mine is just full of memes. The Explore page was a place of refuge when you wanted to avoid the annoying ads in Stories and in your feed that appeared after three or four posts from the people you follow.

How the ads will work

The Explore page is visited by almost half of Instagram’s over a billion users each month and the giant photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook wants to milk each and every one of them.

Instagram will not put the ads right away at the Explore grid but when you tap on a photo, ads will start showing up when you start scrolling the timeline that follows just like your normal feed in your Home tab.

Instagram says that the ads will feel natural as users tap on the Explorer tab for discovery.

Instagram will start by promoting its IGTV platform before injecting ads from brands – be it big or small advertisers. The ads will be bought and managed by the Facebook ads manager and advertisers have an option to place their ads on the Explore tab. Instagram says they’ll add it later by default. 

Slowly and thoughtful?

Instagram says the rollout of the ads will be slow and thoughtful – so it means, they’ll soon start to increase and get ready to be annoyed by them just like those on your Home feed.


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