TikTok Begins Testing TikTok Stories

Fleets reincarnated


The world of social media networks is weird. Platforms copying features from each other and sometimes being unsuccessful at it – looking at you Fleets.

TikTok revolutionized short-form video content that’s being replicated at other social media apps such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. The platform is now copying a feature that’s almost everywhere -well, except for Twitter who just shut down that feature.

We are talking about Stories – the ephemeral feature Snapchat was once known for.

Stories is widely available across a multitude of platforms – WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, LinkedIn Stories, Spotify Stories, Pinterest Stories, and YouTube Stories. This feature has recently been eclipsed by social media platforms hunger to have live audio feature with every app trying to be Clubhouse.

TikTok is now increasing its arsenal of creator tools with TikTok Stories for its users. Stories joins other storytelling tools including Duets, Stitch and LIVE for users to play around with as they share their content to their followers.

TikTok has been testing Stories for some time now and the platform may choose to not to make the feature publicly available.

TikTok Stories have the same interface as other Stories except for a few features:
  • Users can coment publicly on the creators content and mutual friends can see each others content
  • You can see how many people have viewed your Story in another tab and if you’re following these users
  • There’s a button that lets you follow back your people who’ve viewed your Story
  • Stories have a blue ring like Twitter Fleets(kinda sus but okay) located on the creators avatar.

TikTok Stories might actually work for new and shy creators who are tasting the waters before stepping up their game and posting full videos. It will also let established creators casually interact with their audience just like Instagram Stories.

This feature has received mixed reactions on Twitter

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