Instagram Stories Come to the Web Through a Chrome Extension



At the start of the month, Instagram introduced a feature that Snapchat users are too familiar with, Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is just Snapchat Stories but, well, for Instagram. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom even admitted in an interview that Snapchat had inspired its most recent feature addition.

An Instagram Story is a compilation of photos and videos that a user can share with their Instagram followers for 24 hours before they disappear.

Being a mobile-first service, as expected, the new feature has been limited to Instagram’s mobile apps. Instagram Stories is not available on the web. Now, you would be wondering who even uses Instagram on their PC? Well, there are so many people I know. I’ll be honest with you, though, I also find it weird. I like my Instagram on my smartphone. But we’re all different and the medium through which we use to access a particular service shouldn’t result in such varied experiences.

That is exactly what Alec Garcia’s new addition to the Chrome Web Store seeks to achieve by using Instagram’s own API. Garcia has developed an extension for the Chrome web browser that essentially brings Instagram Stories to the web. Just like in the mobile apps, Instagram Stories from one’s friends will show up at the top of one’s Instagram feed thanks to the Chrome IG Story extension and can be accessed when you click on an individual profile photo.

However, unlike in the mobile app, one cannot swipe to the next story directly. One has to exit the current story they are watching before moving on to the next one. Keyboard arrow keys can be used to scroll through a story. One can even save the Instagram Stories by right clicking when watching them.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Chrome IG Story extension from the Chrome Web Store
  • Exit Chrome and launch it again/restart
  • That is all! Every time you load on your browser you’ll have access to the latest Stories from friends and brands you follow.


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