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1 in 2 Google Chrome Extensions Have the Potential to Expose Your Personal Information

Browsers’ true powers are unlocked when they are used alongside services such as extensions. Extensions are popular because some of them are genuinely useful....

Miss the Old Google Icons? This Extension Will Restore Them for You

Google recently rebranded its G Suite products which is now called Google Workspace. They also changed the design of its icons which received love...
Google Chrome new update

Google Chrome Update Promises Upto 10% Performance Improvement

Google Chrome received some nice improvements under its hood today that are geared for more performance across the board. Profile Guided Optimization First its performance which...

Microsoft Managed To Build a Better Chrome and I’m Not Going Back

Microsoft revamped Edge by building it based on Chromium which powers Google Chrome and somehow they have managed to build a better Chrome than Google.
Google Chrome new update

Google Disables Chrome’s RAM Reducing Feature Due To a Major Drawback

  Google has decided to disable the hyped RAM reducing feature for Chrome because it had a serious side effect. The RAM reducing feature was detailed...

How to Make a GIF Background for Your New Chrome Tab

There's a lot of customization that you can do on Google's Chrome Browser. The Chrome web store hosts a lot of extensions and themes...
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How to Delete Chrome Autocomplete Suggestions

Our browsers have grown over time, and one of the features that improve user experience is autocomplete. The feature is seen on address bars...
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The Best Bookmark Managers for Desktop, Web, iOS and Android

If you're always online, you'll find an interesting article to read but lack the time to read it or perhaps you have a favourite...

Avast and AVG Extensions Kicked out of the Chrome Web Store by Google

Wladimir Palant, the creator of Adblock Plus recently wrote how four extensions from Avast and AVG uploaded detailed browsing profiles of their users. They have...
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Google Chrome Will Soon Shame Slow Websites and Reward Optimized Ones

Google has just announced that its browser app, Chrome will soon start to identify and label slow websites while rewarding optimized websites. When browsing...

Google Working on an Ad-Blocker for Chrome That’ll Remove ‘Heavy Ads’

If those annoying ads interrupt your usual daily scrolling through the rabbit hole that is the internet when using Chrome, then help is on...
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Google to Finally Drop Support for Unencrypted FTP Connections in Chrome

Some of us have used File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connections to get access to files from the internet. Often, the file-hosting system is used...

Google Updates Privacy Policy for its Chrome Extensions

Google has updated its privacy policy regarding Chrome extensions following the recent revelation that there are extensions on the web store that have been...

3 Chrome Extensions That Protect You from Trackers That Monitor Your Browsing Activities

Most people who surf the web have become more aware that their browsing habits can be monitored by trackers advertisers place on their webpages....
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[Update: Chrome’s Media Controls Are Now Available] You’ll Now Be Able to Control Media Playing in the Background Tabs...

UPDATE: Chrome's media controls are now available. When you start playing media either form YouTube or Spotify or other streaming services, a music icon...
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Dark Mode Is Finally on Chrome for Android – Here’s How to Enable It

If you like browsing the web in your late nights, this new feature coming to Chrome is a welcome addition for night owls. If...

[Update: Now Rolling Out] Chrome 76 Will Come with an Improved Incognito Mode

The next version of Chrome will come with a feature that comes handy to people who read lots of news and use the incognito...

New Privacy Improvements Available on Firefox That Will Make You Ditch Chrome If You Haven’t Already

Firefox didn't come to play when it comes to taking user privacy seriously. The new privacy updates will make you ditch chrome if you...

Google Chrome For Windows 10 Gets Dark Mode But Not What You Think

Dark mode has been all the rage recently in the smartphone world. It has a lot of inherent advantages compared to a lighter background....

Must Have Productivity Apps, Extensions and Hacks

2019 holds so much promise and if you’re into making sure you’re more efficient and being more productive is your resolution for this year,...

Pretend to Be Working with These Chrome Extensions

People have always found ways to pretend they are working when evidently they are not. Most people will head over to the internet to...
most popular websites in kenya insecure

eCitizen and Other Popular Kenyan Websites are not Secure- Report

When you are browsing websites on Chrome, you may have noticed that there is usually a padlock icon towards the left on the URL...

How to Block Ads with Google Chrome’s Inbuilt Ad Blocker

When it comes to the user experience on the web, things can turn out pretty ugly and a simple task such as downloading a...

Simple Hack to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Your Phone

Despite the major steps we have made in the technological space as human beings, there are two things that seem to be too complex...
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Chrome Extensions That Block Cryptominers From Taking Over Your Laptop

Cryptocurrencies have become the rage for the last 7 years and was fueled by the demand of the most famous cryptocurrency of all: Bitcoin....

Here’s How to Watch Apple’s Event on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

As Karissa Bell of Mashable put it, "Apple events also have the distinction of being one of the few occasions where you remember that...

Google Makes It Even Easier To Download And Manage Offline Pages On Chrome For Android

In the quest to read articles on the web, we have had that moment where you find a useful site and the bookmark feature...
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Google Is Reported To Be Working On An Inbuilt Ad-Blocker For Chrome

Well this is a surprise from a company that is in the ad business. According to a report by the WSJ, sources claim that Google...
Fake Playstore Reviews

Google Is Still Battling Fake Reviews Mess

It seems that the Fake News saga has extended its popularity to Android’s Play Store. For the past couple of days, there has been...
Chrome 57 promises better battery life

Chrome 57 Promises Better Power Consumption By Being Lenient On Your CPU

Chrome 57 has been given one update that we've wanted in the browser for a while now
make trump 8 years old again

This Chrome Extension Transforms Trump’s Tweets To Look Like They Were Written By An 8 Year Old

A TV show came up with a Chrome extension that turns Trump tweets to look like they were written by an eight year old

This Chrome Extension Aims To Burst Your Filter Bubble On Twitter

  One of the best and worst things about social media networks is that they have the idea of letting you share with the world...

Google Brings VR to the Web Through Chrome

VR is going mainstream thanks to Google.
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