The Best Bookmark Managers for Desktop, Web, iOS and Android

Raindrop Bookmark

If you’re always online, you’ll find an interesting article to read but lack the time to read it or perhaps you have a favourite website you like reading depending on the interest(s) you have. Bookmark managers come in handy to help you organize your favourite websites and here are some of the best.

Chrome’s inbuilt bookmark manager

For those that don’t need cluttering their toolbar with extensions, Chrome has an inbuilt bookmark manager of sorts.

Here’s how to organize bookmarks in Chrome

  1. Whenever you’re adding a new bookmark to Chrome using the star icon, just append any tag to the sites name.
  2. You can even use the drop-down menu to create a new folder so that your bookmarks don’t clutter your bookmark bar.
  3. You can even use the sites icons instead of text to minimize their look on the bookmark bar by editing the name.

Raindrop tops the charts. It has a sleek and user-friendly bookmark manager. It has folders and subfolders to help you bookmark webpage, article, video or photo(right-click an image, click save the image to One feature you’ll love is the search function.

You can apply a hashtag or phrase and the manager will recognize the category you’re looking for.

Raindrop is available for all platforms and browsers and there is a free option and a $3 a month subscription tier.


Pocket is another favourite of mine as it allows you to quickly save and recommends the most interesting articles from the web.

Pocket is available for all platforms and browsers with integration that features more than 1,500 apps including Flipboard and Twitter. Using IFTTT, links in my Twitter likes go to Pocket.

There is a free option and a $4.99 a month subscription tier.


GGather has a dashboard with a couple of useful features and view modes. You can annotate details about your bookmark plus get search-friendly tags.

It’s labelling and rating scale lets users filter through the web pages based on their importance levels.


Dropmark organizes bookmarks visually through the web pages featured images. There’s a slideshow view feature and the ability to organize photos, gifs, video and sound bites in distinct folder categories.


This is a simple bookmarking tool as you just drag and drop a website address, document or file(including Google Docs) into a folder and you then make a note of what you want to do with them.


Refind sends you 10 relevant links based on what you follow. You then sort out these websites and bookmark things you find interesting.

Other notable ones:, Evernote, Pinterest, Recent Bookmarks, SuperSorter, SprucemarksPapaly, Diigo, Roboform, and

How to Manage Bookmarks

When you create this bookmarks, create a scheme of regularly going through them and KonMari them – organize them like how you would your closet. Remove sites you haven’t visited in a year.