Google Chrome For Windows 10 Gets Dark Mode But Not What You Think


google chrome

Dark mode has been all the rage recently in the smartphone world. It has a lot of inherent advantages compared to a lighter background. It is more suited for night time browsing and saves some battery life especially if your device has an OLED screen.

We have seen dark mode being implemented on apps as a special mode (Twitter) and on Android skins as a mode (Samsung One UI, OnePlus Oxygen OS) and others. For Samsung, that dark mode is so extensive to the point where Samsung Internet (a browser) has full dark mode complete with the background for websites.

However on PC, dark mode is a bit of a hit and miss. It is not as extensive as the one brought on MacOS Mojave on Mac devices. Well now a major third party software on Windows has dark mode enabled but it is not what you think.

Google added dark mode to Google Chrome for Windows 10 with the version 74 update. The cool thing is that after updating, I noticed it going to dark mode immediately.

This was strange at first, but I quickly realized that I had set my PC to dark mode on settings and it picked that up. When you switch back to a lighter theme on your PC settings, Google Chrome picks that up and disables dark mode.

However, Chrome’s dark mode is only limited to the top bar when you are surfing the web, right click menus or completely dark when you are on the homepage. This is almost the same implementation as we saw with Edge Browser on Windows 10.

Well it is better than nothing but at least switching new tabs at night won’t be blinding as before.