Dark Mode Is Finally on Chrome for Android – Here’s How to Enable It

Chrome App

Chrome AppIf you like browsing the web in your late nights, this new feature coming to Chrome is a welcome addition for night owls. If you randomly wake up at night to google something bugging your brain, then the dark mode will save your retinas.

The dark mode isn’t perfect as some sites will look broken. The dark mode is available for Chrome version 74 and above.

How to enable dark mode

Google hasn’t put the dark mode toggle on the settings, you’ll have to type or paste chrome://flags into the address bar.

When you search for Dark mode, you’ll get two results:

  • Android Chrome UI dark mode
  • Android web contents dark mode

Go ahead and select default and enabled respectively using the drop-down menu. You’ll be prompted to relaunch the browser and when it comes back, previously opened pages will reload with a dark theme.

Embracing the Dark Mode