Google Chrome Update Promises Upto 10% Performance Improvement

Google Chrome new update

Google Chrome received some nice improvements under its hood today that are geared for more performance across the board.

Profile Guided Optimization

First its performance which Google Chrome is famously known for. Google uses what they call Profile Guided Optimization which apparently delivers upto 10% faster speeds. More performance is welcome and the performance gains varies between platforms.

Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) is an optimization technique where performance critical parts of the code can run faster. Google says PGO real usage scenarios match workflows of Chrome users and this will make common tasks get prioritized and made faster.

Google reveals that the Mac version will feel 3.9% faster while the Windows version will be 7.3% faster. They also used the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark and found out that it is 7.7% faster on Mac and 11.4% faster on Windows.

Tab throttling

Google is also testing tab throttling on Google Chrome. Tab throttling will allow Chrome to give more resources to tabs you’re using by taking them back from tabs in the background.

The company says that they see improvements not only on the loading speed but also on battery and in memory savings. They do not quote percentages in that regard.

This improvements are more than welcome

The above changes are more than welcome for the Chrome platform. Currently, Chrome is the leading browser on the market with a 66% market share. It is used widely by developers and has a huge extensions platform that make Chrome even more powerful.

I’m not sure whether the new changes will make me move away from my current browser, Microsoft Edge. I found Edge to perform better than Chrome on my laptop and I haven’t logged back to Chrome since.