Miss the Old Google Icons? This Extension Will Restore Them for You


Google recently rebranded its G Suite products which is now called Google Workspace. They also changed the design of its icons which received love and hate in equal measure.

The icons retain their old shape but now have a multi-colored design of Google’s colours – red, blue, green and yellow.

This includes Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Drive and Docs.

The icons look all too similar and can confuse you especially if you open multiple tabs on your browser an dtehy get squeezed in – leaving no space for their names but only their icons.

The newly designed icons loose their distinctiveness in Google’s approach to have a solid brand identity.

Well, now you won’t have to accidentally open or close Google’s apps with this new extension by designer Claudio Postinghel.

The extension aptly named Restore old Google icons will revert to the old icons and save you the misery.

The extension has been getting really good reviews on the Chrome Store.

If you’re like Sheldon and hate drastic change especially during a pandemic, then you’ll love this extension.

Restore old Google icons extension is available for Chrome and a Firefox alternative is in the works according to the designer.

Download it here.

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