Instagram Stories Will Soon Take Over Your Entire Home Feed

Instagram Stories are about to get weird. Here's why?

Instagram Stories New Interface Full

Instagram Stories New Interface Full

Instagram has been testing a double row for Stories. That’s insane. But the new interface is even crazier.

Here’s what the old interface they were testing looked like:Instagram Stories

And here’s what the new interface looks like:Instagram Stories New Interface

The Instagram app has one row of stories which you have to swipe left to go to other people’s Stories. Instagram will soon let users access two rows to watch even more Stories.

In the new interface they are testing, there’s a new “See All Stories” button right below the second row of Stories.

When you tap on it, all Stories get shown on the home feed all to the delight of people who love Stories.

At the bottom of the Stories is the Close button.Instagram Stories Full Interface

If this feature goes live, Instagram Stories are about get wild. Instagram has said that they are focussing on Stories and will replace the regular feed with Stories.

Stories make a lot of money for the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform.  This feature now has over 500 million daily active users which are half of the total daily active users. That’s a huge demographic in the apps’ over 1 billion monthly active users.

Facebook has been pressuring Instagram to double the number of ads the app serves to users. Expect back to back ads in Stories very soon.

If Instagram goes head and removes the home feed with regular photos, videos or carousels, your new feed will be Stories and now you’ll have to mute everyone’s Stories.

As I said in my earlier post, if you hated them in the first place especially when the people you followed had a ton of stories to share, then the new features Instagram is testing is going to make you multiply your dislike.

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