Instagram Brings Back Compose Button to the Bottom, Shifts Focus From Reels

Instagram Reels Remix

Instagram has redesigned its home screen to bring the compose shortcut button to the shortcuts at the app’s bottom. The bottom shortcuts originally had Reels in the centre spot, Shop tab and Profile to the right with Explore and Home tabs on the left.

Instagram had introduced this new layout late in 2020 with a focus on Reels and the Shop shortcut with dedicated tabs and moving the compose button and the activity shortcut to the top right corner next to messages.

It looks like Instagram is now shifting focus from Reels and the compose button will now be in the middle of the shortcuts bar at the bottom.

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Instagram has been fighting for attention in the short form vertical video format with rival TikTok since 2020 and decided to put all its resources on Reels with the shift to put the shortcut at the centre of the homescreen. The Meta-owned app even defaulted to showing Reels first thing when you opened Instagram.

Instagram came under intense pressure from mega-influencers such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who wanted Instagram to stop pushing video content and stick to photos. A lot of renowned photographers including Peter McKinnon even switched to social platforms that prioritized photos over video like Vero.

Instagram has now bowed to the user’s needs with a focus on creating content straight from the bottom thanks to the compose button now easier to find.

The Reels tab will move to the right to replace the Shopping tab. The Shop tab didn’t get a lot of use as people opted to visit the shops directly from their respective profiles.

“You will still be able to set up and run your shop on Instagram as we continue to invest in shopping experiences that provide the most value for people and businesses across feed, stories, reels, ads and more,” said Instagram in the announcement.

The new changes will begin rolling out in February.

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  1. When a test began deleting the Instagram Shop tab from select users’ home screens and concealing it under Settings last autumn, there were clues that Instagram was thinking about going in this manner. At the time, Instagram said it was simply a test with a select group of users.

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