Skype Now Has a Share Button for Websites

Skype for Websites

Skype for WebsitesThe share button is one of the most important aspects in the social media landscape in that it has made it easier for people to share information across all platforms. Most social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the likes have had an embedded share button on websites that allows one to share content directly to their platforms. It has been a great way to quickly share information and also indispensable and it was rather odd a popular app like Skype did not have it until now.

Skype has finally announced a share button that will allow you to share content you may have found on a website to someone on Skype. Since Skype is owned by Microsoft, it was only natural for them to partner with and specifically for India, they are partnering with Just like how other share buttons from other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit work, when you click the Skype share button, it will load a pop up that will allow you to share the content to your contacts complete with a caption.

Skype share button

If you want to add the Skype button to your website, you need to head over to where you can generate codes for the 4 different types of Skype share button layouts that are available.

Skype has been playing catch up recently thanks to a flurry of updates that range from video message filters, Skype Translator and their custom GIFs they term as Mojis. Apps like Facebook Messenger practically do what Skype is widely known for and we can see the company doing what it can for it not to fade out of existence.

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