Video Calling on Facebook Messenger Now Available WorldWide


facebook-messenger-video-callingLast month we told about Facebook’s plan to transform its messaging application into a platform. The transformation involves making  it useful not only to its over 600 million individual users but businesses as well. As it works to make that happen, it was only a matter of time before video calling was introduced. Facebook is now rolling out video calling feature on Messenger to users of its Android and iOS applications.

Messenger was initially available to a select  18 countries but users can now access the platform from allover the world.  Starting video calls is as easy as tapping the video icon on the Messenger app. Video calls are cross-platform so it will be possible to call your friend using an iPhone 6 (iOS) from your Galaxy S6 (Android) and vice-versa. Facebook’s Messenger joins the likes of Microsoft’s Skype and Google’s Hangouts in offering video calls though Messenger is strictly doing so on mobile at the moment.

Facebook plans to scale up messenger have seen it launch as an independent platform under where users can already chat with their Facebook friends from a Web browser. One just needs to login to their facebook account to be able to use the service. Facebook also plans to launch its payment service which works under the Peer to Peer model through messenger.  During its annual developer event F8, Facebook announced that it was working towards making the application crucial for business.  The plan is to use the platform as a customer service tool. In line with this, Facebook announced  partnership with two shopping sites for the service.


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