Facebook Unveils Video Calls with Skype, Group Chat


This is what Facebook C.E.O Mr. Zuckerberg calls “Awesome things”. Facebook unveiled Video chat with Skype on Wednesday. More over on that it will bring group chat that the Skype has been dominating the market of video chat with.

With video calling, users can leverage Skype to contact friends, right from Facebook.com. It rolls out today, and Facebook promised access in as little as two clicks. It is not yet available on mobile.

To activate, click the video call button at the top of the chat window. The first time you use it, click setup, approve the applet, and Skype will automatically download within the browser. That should take about 30 seconds on any broadband connection, Facebook said.

Skype CEO Tony Bates made an appearance and said the company has been working on the Skype integration for about six months. He was not concerned that this will draw traffic away from Skype’s main service. Skype has a goal of 1 billion users and “this helps us get there,” Bates said. “We want to be as ubiquitous as possible.”

As you may be aware, Skype is in middle of acquisitions by Microsoft.  Zuckerberg also in the same platform announced that Facebook has 750 million users but yet confirmed they are yet to be everywhere but they are heading there.

The only good idea that I give my fellow learned friends is to follow example of the giants companies to build their applications on already exist infrastructures to make your applications more available to the world out there.


    • Sometime ago there was an app on facebook that used to do the same
      work, well not video chat though. The name was Sonaphone. Wonder how
      they are now bedmates with skype.

      • I think the Sonaphone was not so successful! There were spam messages from Sonaphone that was doing rounds and it was so annoying cause it used to become your default page on all browsers when you open them.

  1. As Enock suggest above the Sonaphone was not successful because one thing as i suspect, Spam. Another thing which facebook C.E.O Mr. Zuckerberg clearly stated is that they opted to develop the Video chat integration to already existing and stable infrastructure.

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