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WhatsApp Fined KES 29 Billion For Data Breach

WhatsApp is the new tech giant to fall on the chopping board of the Data Protection Commission in Ireland just right after Twitter was...

How to Fortify Data Security in Your Business

Security is one of the important issues a business should always look out for. Nowadays, with how technology has progressed over the years, data...

CipherCloud Outlines 5 Steps for Achieving PCI DSS Compliance in the Cloud

To complement the PCI Council's cloud computing guidelines, CipherCloud has outlined five steps for achieving PCI DSS compliance in the cloud. PCI Council’s guidelines...

Github Launches Its Bug Bounty Program

Github has officially launched their bug bounty program, the original scope covers the GitHub API, gist and the Github site (only the sub-domains owned...

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 5

Now it is very common to see people clicking the photographs from their phones rather than from their digital camera and if you own...
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Precautions to Take When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi, also known as hotspots, can seem like an oasis when you don't have a cellular connection to the Internet. Those public Wi-Fi...
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Cloud Computing and Security options to consider

Cloud computing will soon encompass more and more of business and personal internet use. The almost instantaneous communication occurring between computers has led to developers...

Types of Cloud Storage As a Service (SaaS)

Ask any a CIO to explain SaaS today and he or she will have a lot in mind to talk about. What if you...

What is your cloud provider transparency?

There are some components that make the cloud. They include SaaS, AaS PaS, Storage As a service and these days I here unconfirmed forgotten...

Windows Server 8 beta released on Leap Day

Microsoft made the most of this year’s “extra day,” releasing the long-awaited beta of Windows Server 8 on Leap Day. The company also made the...
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How secure is your data on Mobile devices?

If an unsecure enterprise mobile device is lost or stolen, its owner can do nothing to ensure the safety of the data stored on...

iPad Active Directory management options yet to meet expected standards

Active Directory has limited value when it comes to iPad management, because the two just aren’t equipped to work closely with each other. Apple designed the...

Microsoft Windows 8 to ship with built-in Free Anti-virus

It may be sounding good to consumers and somehow bad news to security software vendors since Microsoft has decided to provide the long free...

Enterprise Collaboration Platforms going social Vs. IT Security and Privacy

Enterprise collaboration platforms are having a hard time meeting workers’ new expectations for how they share information with colleagues. Consumers today can share specific information...

The Future of Windows Server GUI and Powershell

Man, say “no more GUI on Windows Server” in a crowded room of IT professionals, and you’d better be standing near the door. Nothing...

Facebook Unveils Video Calls with Skype, Group Chat

This is what Facebook C.E.O Mr. Zuckerberg calls “Awesome things”. Facebook unveiled Video chat with Skype on Wednesday. More over on that it will...

Email Security.

We use our emails in a manner that may compromise our own security and we blame our flaws on others.  These few points will...

Data centres: go dense, go green and go fast

Until recently, energy was a no-brainer. That is, it was perceived as unlimited and was relatively inexpensive, resulting in no need for technological breakthrough....
propertyzote down

Propertyzote website hacked

Propertyzote is a real estate advertising website, and currently it is down after a successful hacking attempt on the site. Announcing some days ago...

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