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Now it is very common to see people clicking the photographs from their phones rather than from their digital camera and if you own an iPhone, then this experience becomes more alluring. The high resolution of iPhone camera with advanced features makes your photos beautiful than ever before. With these features, the availability of your phone with you makes clicking of invaluable moments easier. This is the reason why people prefer Smartphones to digital cameras.

However, the usefulness and advanced technology used in iPhones do not ensure that they do not encounter photo loss instead; they too encounter the loss of photos stored in them. With increasing popularity of iPhones, it is seen that more and more users are facing the problem of photo loss. Sometimes it is because of accidental deletion of your photos and sometimes it is due to resetting of factory settings that result in the loss of invaluable photos of iPhone. Let us understand this situation with a practical example:

David – an undergraduate student got the latest iPhone 5 from his father as his birthday gift. In order to sync his data and maintain the backup of his contacts and other information on his Mac, he synced his iPod with his machine. Moreover, now due to the availability of iPhone with advanced camera, he does not require a digital camera and clicks all his precious photos with his phone only. As the time passed by, he now has some really precious memories stored in his iPhone 5.

However, another day while doing something in his iPhone, he accidentally reset the factory settings and alas, lost all the previous settings that he did to customize his iPhone with all the precious photos that he clicked. Though he can customized those settings as he remembered them all and can even get back the contacts as well, but he could not regain the photos that he clicked, as he did not make their backup.

That situation was really very annoying for him as he was completely unable to access invaluable photos that he clicked. However, he did not give hope and started searching over the Internet for the remedy of this problem. To his dismay, he was shocked to see that there are tools that can recover the lost or deleted data from iPhones. He searched extensively for such software over the Internet and found that they can recover the photos that are even lost as resetting the factory settings of iPhone. Most of the tools of this category have intuitive user interface so that even a normal computer user too can use them.

Moreover, an efficient tool of this category is not limited to recovery from iPhone only instead, it recovers data from digital cameras, memory cards, Mac machines, and other Mac supported external data storage devices. Therefore, opting for a professional tool is not a bad idea as you can use it in future for performing the recovery from other Mac supported devices.

Generally, an efficient iPhone 5 lost photo recovery tool provides two ways to perform recovery of the photos:

• Method 1: Deleted Photos Recovery Directly from the iPhone
• Method 2: Restoration of Deleted Photos from iTunes Backup

The reason for having two different methods for recovery is support of the tool for the version of iPhone. It is seen that some tools of this category do not support all latest versions of iPod and for them recovery through iTune backup is performed. However, the brief explanation of these two methods is mentioned below:

Method 1: Delete Photo Recovery Directly from the iPhone: The first method is to perform the recovery directly from the iPhone. The general steps preferred by most of the tools of this category are explained below:

• The first step is to connect your device to your Mac machine wherein you have installed the software and then choose the recovery mode.
• Most of the tools provide on the fly preview of the recoverable data, which means you can see the preview of your lost iPhone data during the scanning process. However, some tools provide the preview only after completion of the scanning process.
• From the preview, you can select the folders or image files that you want to recover. After making the selection, click ‘Recover’ button to perform the recovery of these images. You can save these photos at your preferred location.

With these simple steps, you can perform the recovery of your deleted images directly from your iPhone.

Method 2: Restoration of Deleted Photos from iTunes Backup: This option is not available in all the tools of iPhone photo recovery instead it is available in those that do not support some versions of iPhone. However, follow the below mentioned steps to perform the recovery from iTunes backup file.

• After downloading and installing this software on your machine, click the option that says you to recover from iTunes backup.
• After this, select the backup file from which you want to perform the recovery and then choose the option to start the scanning process. You can see the preview of recoverable photos during the scanning process or after completion of the scan (depending upon the nature of the recovery software).
• Now choose the image files that you want to recover and then select the option that says to recover these files and then choose the location where you want to save these files.

A thing that is common in both the cases is simple recovery steps. Almost all the iPhone photo recovery tools have such intuitive mechanism. However, you can get to know about the interface and working of a tool with its free demo version. Generally, all reliable tools of this category provide the free demo version of their software. You can download the demo or trial version for free and understand the user interface and recovery options provided by the software. However, for recovery of your files and saving them at your preferred location, you have to purchase the license of the software that bears reasonable cost.

So, do not worry when you lost your invaluable photos from your iPhone, just opt for a professional software and restore them. Moreover, these not only recover your photos from your iPhone, but also are capable of recovering your audios, videos, and other valuable files without causing data loss or any deterioration in the quality of your files.

Whether, you are a technical person or a non-technical one, you should not worry, just opt for an efficient tool and undo the loss of your photos, videos, or audios that has occurred due to accidental deletion or resetting of the factory settings of your iPod. These tools support most of the versions of Mac OS X however, even then you should check for the compatibility of the software with your machine. Apart from this, you should avoid using a tool that is completely free for use as most of the freeware of this category are malicious software that not only harm your machine, but also can make your system completely inaccessible. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for a professional tool that has free demo and paid full version that you can use for recovering your files.

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