Messaging Client Telegram Experiencing Downtime


Telegram messenger

Telegram Messenger, a messaging client that serves over 60 million users monthly appears to be down. We noticed this about half an hour ago.

A quick look at tweets from other Telegram users around the world reveals that the service may have been down for several hours now. Here are some reactions from Telegram users:

According to, Telegram appears to be down in parts of the Middle East and Europe even though we are experiencing it here in East Africa and there are tweets from the Americas indicating it is not accessible as well there.

At the moment we are not sure what the cause of the downtime is but we’ll update when the Telegram team provides any details on the possible cause of the outage. A Twitter user going by the handle @h3ll1x claims to be behind the outage but we cannot verify those claims.


Telegram is back up as of 3.10 PM Eat Africa Time. The outage seems to have lasted a little over 2 hours.