[VIDEO] Safaricom’s Surveillance System in Operation


In 2014,  telco  Safaricom signed a contract with the Kenyan government that will see the telco provide infrastructure for national surveillance, communication and control system. Safaricom was to provide the Kenya Police and Intelligence officials in providing infrastructure in the form of surveillance cameras, communication equipment and the control system aimed at assisting the Kenyan Intelligence collect in real-time, security data in Kenya. The project which was to cost Kshs. 14.9 Billion involved setting up and maintaining of the systems before handing them over to the government.

The infrastructure has been rolled out with cameras positioned in different parts of Nairobi and Mombasa but we were not aware if they were operational or what goes behind the screens. Local TV station K24 visited the command center at Jogoo House Nairobi and shed light on how the system works. Below is the video: