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M-KOPA Phone

Do Not Board: Samsung and M-Kopa Reveals Outrageously Expensive Payment Plan for the Galaxy A10s

Buying phones on a contract like Americans do is something we have been waiting for for so long, but I have high levels of...
Safaricom Wifi Zone

Safaricom Spotted Testing Chargeable WiFi Zones in Nairobi

It appears that Safaricom is testing wireless internet access points in the CBD. The carrier, which has gone a long way to roll out...
safaricom 5G

Safaricom Will Allegedly Launch 5G This Week in Nairobi

About a week ago, Safaricom was spotted testing 5G in Kenya. 5G is the next evolution of wireless technology that promises faster speeds and...
safaricom 5G

Safaricom Spotted Testing 5G in Kenya

5G is the new generation of wireless technology that has generated so much hype due to one thing: the speeds. 5G milimeter wave is...

M-Gas Partners with Safaricom, Intros Subscription Cooking Gas for Low Income Kenya Households

Safaricom is no stranger to trying new things. After collaborating with the Postal Corporation of Kenya to bring P.O. Box addresses to anybody with...
Safaricom voice data issues

Parliament Rejects Safaricom’s Petition to Not Submit Business Contracts to CAK

Telco Safaricom has failed to persuade the National Assembly Committee on Finance and National Planning to drop a clause in the competition law that...
Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph Admits Not Fancying Masoko, Safaricom’s Degraded E-Commerce Platform

Safaricom’s Masoko, an e-commerce platform, was launched nearly three years ago. You would assume, through fault of your own that a company like Safaricom...

Safaricom Steathily Released Masoko App on the App Stores

You might not know this but Safaricom has a dedicated Masoko app on the main smartphone app stores.
M-Pesa shop

What We Know About Safaricom’s 0722000000 Con Game, and What the Operator is Doing About It

Alright. People have been subjected to a new con game where fraudsters use Safaricom’s 072200000 line to reach out to customers, and lie about...

Safaricom Apparently Seeks to Take Advantage of Customer Location Data Tracking Platform

Safaricom has invited bids to seek suppliers of a location tracking and intelligence platform which is quite interesting. In a bid notice, they express interest...
mysafaricom app

MySafaricom’s New Years Eve Bug Wishes You a Happy Birthday

Safaricom's MySafaricom utility app has a bug which wishes you a happy birthday even if it is not your birthday
safaricom wifi

Safaricom Passes Zuku to Become the Biggest Fixed Broadband Provider

Safaricom has finally passed Zuku to become the biggest fixed data provider in the country
Masoko Gets a Revamp

Safaricom Masoko Gets a Revamp, Still Offers Limited Number of Products

Safaricom's ecommerce platform, Masoko, has been revamped and the company announced the change today via Twitter. The revamp consists of a number of changes which...

Safaricom’s Mali Will Allow MPESA Users Earn Interest on their Investments

Safaricom, Kenya's biggest telecommunications company seems to be testing a new product for MPESA that will allow you to invest and earn interest. There...
Mpost header

How to Register, Use and Make Sense of Mpost, Safaricom and Postal Corporation’s New Digital P.O. Box

On Friday last week, Safaricom and the Postal Corporation of Kenya revealed MPost, a digitized postal office box that is geared towards making sending...

Safaricom and Posta Kenya Are Bringing Digital P.O. Box Addresses to Kenyans with Some Exciting Features

Postal services in the country started to go under when the internet began to make a mark. This happened more than a decade ago...

Lipa Na MPESA Black Friday Offer Has 5% Cash Back but There Is a Catch

Safaricom has a Black Friday Offer this month where you get cash back when you pay via Lipa na MPESA. However it has a catch.
Safaricom communications authority of kenya

Communications Authority of Kenya to Probe Safaricom over Network Outage

The regulator is probing Safaricom the network outage it experienced over the weekend.
Safaricom voice data issues

Safaricom Acknowledges They are Experiencing Network Issues

Safaricom, Kenya's biggest telecommunications operator has tonight confirmed that they are experiencing network challenges that are affecting some of their services
Smart fridges KBL

Safaricom Pushes the Internet of Things Agenda with Smart Coolers for Kenya Breweries

Safaricom’s innovation arm has always tried to solve a lot of local issues, and has, for the most part, met that goal. A new...
fibre optic

Safaricom Introduces New Fibre Plans for Business Customers, and They Are Not Cheap

Safaricom fibre services and related products have been around for a while. The FTTH (to the home) is the most popular product and serves...
Sharon Holi - Head of Masoko

Safaricom’s Masoko Cuts off 3rd Party Vendors, Feels So ‘Empty’

Safaricom cut off third party vendors from Masoko which renders the site feeling quite 'empty'
Fuliza M-Pesa

Why a Possible Fuliza Interest Reduction is Misleading for Safaricom Customers

Safaricom announced unaudited financial results for the six months ended September 30, 2019. The numbers were impressive after the carrier made a killing from...
iPhone VoLTE Safaricom

Apple Quietly adds Support For VoLTE to Safaricom Subscribers

Safaricom announced VoLTE support in June this year and it was a big deal. VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a standard that delivers voice...
Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph

Safaricom Voice and SMS Revenues Drop as it Eyes the Ethiopian Market

Telco Safaricom has announced unaudited results for the six months ended 30 September 2019. The numbers are what we have come to expect from...

Telkom Kenya Loses to Safaricom for Telcos with the Best Customer Experience

Kenya ICT regulator, the Communications Authority (CA) has since reported that mobile penetration in the country has crossed the 100 percent mark. Many locals...
peter ndegwa safaricom ceo

Safaricom Appoints Peter Ndegwa as New CEO

Safaricom has today announced the appointment of Mr Peter Ndegwa as the company's next CEO effective April 1 2020. Mr Peter Ndegwa joins Safaricom from...
Michael Joesph

Safaricom Rebrands with New CEO Appointment Roadmap and More

Safaricom opened operations in Kenya in October 2000 with $25 million in the bank in a market where one network switch cost $10 million....
safaricom sim card

Safaricom to Start Issuing SIM Cards for Free But There is a Catch

Safaricom has made a couple of big announcements today, the biggest being the ability to buy data or calling bundles that do not expire. However,...

Safaricom Introduces Data and Calling Bundles that Dont Expire

Safaricom has today announced a new type of data bundle that will delight many. The telco giant has introduced data and calling bundles that do not expire which...

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