HTC Aims to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness with Limited Edition Pink M9 Smartphone


It’s October and to many of us, the month is synonymous with the colour pink because of the campaigns over the years to raise awareness of breast cancer. This year is no different. You’re likely to see a lot of activity on the subject in your locality. Only that in an industry that we care deeply about and cover extensively, there’s a new partner for all the breast cancer awareness campaigns, HTC.

The troubled Taiwanese smartphone maker is putting its sorrows aside to focus on a good cause. It has availed on its online store a limited edition pink version of its 2015 flagship smartphone, the One M9, in addition to donating $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Accessories of the same device like the Dot View cover will be given for free alongside the pink One M9 purchase. Also bundled is a free $100 Play Store credit. All pink cases are also discounted by 30% on HTC’s online store.

HTC debuted the pink One M9 in its home market (Taiwan) back in March but had not yet made it available in foreign markets.

The limited edition HTC One M9 goes for $650 and is only available in the United States. Since the company has already indicated that it has donated the above-quoted sum and has not said anything about proceeds from the sale of the limited edition phones going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as you would expect, we guess this is a nice way of blending the need to do some social good with the need to move a few more units in the wake of the company’s troubled times.