Video Uploads on Twitter Web is Now Live, and This Changes Things

video uploads on Twitter web

Twitter for web has been lagging behind the mobile apps when it comes to features except on the settings department where the web version rules. One of those features that has taken time to be rolled out on the web is the ability to share videos on Twitter via web.

video uploads on Twitter web

Just like the mobile apps you can now be able to  upload videos on Twitter via the web client. On mobile, you can upload videos if your phone has Android 4.1 and later or via Twitter for iPhone. Previously on web however, you could only add photos and there was only the camera button that was not labelled alongside the location button. Now, the camera button has been given the “media” label so as to encompass its ability to embed a photo and now videos in a tweet. The maximum video size you can upload via web is 512MB and upto 30 seconds. If the video is longer than 30 seconds , there is a trimming tool available.

The effect of this will be that the timeline will soon feature a lot more videos being uploaded by people you follow so it would be paramount to disable the video autoplay which is buried deep in settings. The last time Twitter updated the web client is by introducing desktop DM notifications which allows you to reply to those longer private messages quicker.

So get cracking and start uploading those videos you have wanted to share for the longest time and maybe it will be picked up by Twitter’s latest feature “Moments” for everyone to see.