This Author is Currently Writing a book Exclusively on Instagram

Book written exclusively on Instagram

Book written exclusively on Instagram

Every day more and more people are finding creative ways of using Instagram rather than the usual routine of posting filter heavy selfies and meals. Instagram is a visual focused social network which means in order to have an engaging audience, you have to make sure your followers are impressed by the visual presentation in your timeline.

In that spirit of being unique on Instagram, we’ve seen very interesting Instagram accounts like the one that shows screenshots of sad places in the world, the one that shows satellite imagery of various man made objects and one that showcased the various quotes that were said in the GES Summit. Now there is an author by the name Rachel Hulin a writer, photographer and photo editor who started a project HeyHarryHeyMatilda, novel that is  about two twins keeping up with each other via correspondence. It is written an Instagram post at a time which combines two strengths of the platform: Its visual nature to diagrammatically illustrate the normal and the ability to add long captions.

The project opens new avenues for the future as who would have thought to use Instagram as a creative writing blog of sorts? The only problem with this format is that in order to read the story, you must start from the beginning and this may prove to be difficult if the project leads to the generation of several hundred posts. There is a fix for this fortunately where you can visit this website to follow the story as it is updated weekly.