Google Stores Your Voice Everytime You Say ‘OK Google’ to Your Mobile Device



‘OK Google’ is one of the most easy to use features on any recent Android device. It is also, apparently, one of the most creepy. Well, if you overlook the level of creepiness Google’s algorithms have brought in Google Photos. As may be known to some of you, Google does keep a log of all those recordings of yourself as you order your device around using simple voice commands to get just about anything from the screening times of The Martian at your local theatre to when your favourite football team takes the pitch to things like the weather.

If you’ve been using the ‘Ok Google’ hot word every so often, then it is possible there’s a whole archive of your voice sitting somewhere in Google’s servers. You can find out about that here when you’re signed in to your Google account and wait to be surprised. While there isn’t much you can do about Google collecting all that data from your device, you can at least make sure that all those voice recordings can not be traced back to you. This can be achieved by turning off ““Your voice searches and commands” in the Activity section of your Google account’s settings.

If the above information still doesn’t make sense to you and you’re itching to know how to keep El-Goog at bay then that’s why our new forums exist. Head over to the forums for a simple step by step.